Creepy, weird and fascinating dolls

Bangwell Putt Bangwell is a rag doll that belonged to a little girl who was born blind. The doll has no face, because why bother? and very large oversized hands…perfect for a blind kid, but sort of startling to the sighted. Also creepy because the doll is over 200 years old, moth-eaten and much loved. … [Read more…]


Most children like the Beatles, it is perfect children’s music; deceptively simple, yet layered, in the same way cartoons of that era were plain enough for small children, but held many layers of meaning within them. But the Beatles did write for children and upon closer examination, they are decidedly not for kids.

50 dresses project

thanks for visiting! I am about to embark on a great adventure, check back for updates. In a few days, I leave for India.  It has been a lifelong dream, ever since my mother went when I was little.  She took a bus from Germany, traveled the hippie route through Afghanistan and landed at an … [Read more…]